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  • Æther Cavendish

On Mortality and Symbolism: A Conversation with CCDDBB


In this interview, Æther engages with CCDDBB to explore visual poetry through the lens of a seasoned creative coder. CCDDBB delves into his project, ‘line.length-1’, in which he examines themes of mortality, symbolism, and narrative through the use of a single, continuous line.


Ciao Claudio! It’s a pleasure to be in conversation with you! We began discussing this project late last year, and the artwork has naturally morphed and evolved since our early exchanges. May I ask what inspired the theme of mortality in line.length-1?

The theme of mortality stems from my deep fascination with the universal human experience. By exploring mortality through generative art, I aim to evoke contemplation and introspection on the transient nature of existence.

Were you influenced by certain visual poets, or your peers, in your approach to combining written words and graphic design?

Friends in the digital art space certainly played a significant role in providing me with inspiration for this project. People such as yourself, Æther, and Pixel Symphony, and of course Paul Prudence, have been significant. Not simply your creative contributions, but also your curated visual poetry posts, have inspired me to explore new ways of intertwining language and visuals in my own art.

How do you balance randomness and controlled chaos in your artwork?

While randomness plays a secondary role, controlled chaos adds uniqueness to each piece without compromising the intended message. Details like tree placement or the way in which a curtain hangs vary based on a hash, maintaining coherence while also infusing each artwork with subtle variations.

In what ways does user interaction enhance the experience of ‘line.length-1’?

Users can restart the drawing process and adjust drawing speed, allowing them to see the artwork's generation process, and how each iteration is created with a single line. This interaction allows viewers to follow the continuity of the single line, not unlike the path of one’s own life, hopefully allowing for a contemplative experience.

How do the symbolic elements in your artwork contribute to the poetic narrative you aim to convey?

Symbolic elements such as cypress trees, mirrors, and combs each evoke profound emotions and meanings within the visual poetry, whether it be cultural, symbolic or transcendental. Each symbol carries layers of significance, enriching the narrative and inviting viewers to interpret and connect with the artwork on their own terms.

Does ‘line.length-1’ follow or evoke a specific narrative? How does this contribute to the overall visual poetry of the work?

The primary stylistic coherence is established through the use of a single line and the diverse techniques employed to mold it. This distinctive technical approach provides a cohesive visual aesthetic that unifies the entire project, as well as my recent body of work. Recurring visual motifs include space-filling curves, such as the classic Peano and Hilbert curves, as well as the incorporation of serpentine and spiral forms as starting points in the creation of the artworks.

How does technology play a role in the creation of this artwork? 

I believe this project is perfectly timed in relation to both my coding proficiency and my current artistic path. As you know, I have been obsessed with the single-line concept for the past six months and have developed numerous techniques to construct and bend the line. At this stage, my codebase has become modular and mature, enabling me to rapidly iterate on ideas.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your project, Claudio?

I've always really enjoyed incorporating contributions from fellow artists and friends into my projects, often in the form of custom color palettes. For this particular work, friends, among whom yourself, have participated by providing their own brief poems about the theme of death, which I then interpreted as visual poetry. It has been a delightful experience to see how each contributor approached this weighty subject with their own unique and thoughtful perspective.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being in conversation with you: I love how lightly you hold this profound theme. Perhaps it has something to do with the very thin line which separates life and death, and how beautifully this is captured through the minimalism of a single line. I can’t wait to see the plots! Thank you, Claudio!

Mille grazie, Æther!

This was a conversation between CCDDBB and Æther Cavendish.


Release information:

'line.length-1' on FXHash | CCDDBB x Atelier

April 11, 2024, 09:00 AM PT

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