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Visual Poetry Artist Questionnaire

This list of questions is an invitation to artists to share their experience and thoughts on matters such as creative process, artistic practice, aesthetic leanings, personal proclivities, protocols and frameworks, etc.


It’s a long list and none of the questions are compulsory. However, the more complete and detailed the responses, the more equipped we will be to capture the many facets of the artist that you are, and present you and your artwork in a thoughtful, nuanced and meaningful way. Please help us articulate the most accurate and compelling narrative of who you are and what your art has to say to the world.

  1. What is the conceptual foundation of your proposed generative art project?

  2. In what ways does your artwork challenge conventional interpretations of poetry, and what new perspectives do you hope to offer through your generative art?

  3. Who are some of your favorite visual poets and why?

  4. Can you discuss the role of randomness or controlled chaos in your artwork and how it mirrors or contrasts the structured nature of traditional poetry?

  5. If your generative art allows for user interaction, how do you see viewers engaging with and influencing the visual poetry in real-time?

  6. How does the interplay of color, form, and motion in your artwork contribute to the poetic narrative or atmosphere you wish to convey?

  7. Can you elaborate on any specific symbols or elements within your project and the intended meanings and/or emotions they convey in the context of visual poetry?

  8. How has language, be it written or spoken, influenced the composition and arrangement of text in your visual poetry?

  9. How do you employ visual rhetoric to enhance the poetic impact of your project?

  10. Does your piece follow or evoke a specific narrative? How does this contribute to the overall visual poetry of the work?

  11. How does technology play a role in the creation of your generative artwork? Do you find that your present coding skills limit your poetic expression, or on the contrary, do you find yourself more challenged with regard to your poetic or semiotic expression?

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