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Atelier Salon

Pixel Symphony and Æther, co-founders of Atelier, share an interest in the timeless spirit of the historical art salon, which not only showed the art of its time, but also held space for the larger socio-cultural conversation around art and culture. While web3 has brought so many art enthusiasts together, the online art experience is often lacking in a certain quality of human connection which can only occur in a shared physical space. With this in mind, Atelier is both a physical and a virtual haven for art enthusiasts. Our quarterly gatherings in Oakland, California, unite artists and collectors, fostering meaningful discussions on generative art, curation, and the power of community. At Atelier, we are dedicated to exploring the seamless fusion of physical and virtual realms, where art comes to life on our walls and screens, and where hybrid workshops and events bridge the worlds of online and real-life engagement. Join us in redefining the art experience as we celebrate creativity in its many forms.

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