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Chapter I, December 2023


We are thrilled to unveil ‘Outliers’, Atelier’s inaugural group show.


Outliers, as a concept, prompts a reflection on what defines an outlier. What distinguishes one artist, or one artwork, as an outlier over another? What does it even mean to identify someone as an outlier: is everyone not inherently unique, and does the marketplace not determine what stands apart?


These questions have occupied our thoughts as artists, lovers of art, and members of the generative art community. Capturing the essence of the magic inherent in great art is a challenge, yet three constants emerge: a well-established personal practice, a clear vision in the artist’s mind coupled with the ability to articulate it, and the elusive skill of getting out of their own way.


Generative art itself mirrors this process—a thoughtful process devised by the artist gives way to the algorithm expressing itself within set iterations. Prior to this, there is a crucial exercise in allowing or letting go, akin to the artist’s ability to relinquish control and make space for what wants to come forth. From the viewer’s perspective, spectacular art may appear almost accidental, a testament to the artist’s well-practiced ability to become accident-prone.


Our interpretation of the Outlier bias does not not align with market-driven success markers, nor does it seek to label specific artists as outliers. Rather, this theme celebrates particular works by specific artists that embody the versatile concept of the outlier. In attempting to articulate the term in another language, its limitations became evident. Speaking with a French artist, we discovered that outlier might carry statistical connotations. In that conversation we settled on the more literary French translation, insolite, which broadens the meaning to encompass the extraordinary, unusual, and unexpected—qualities we seek in generative art! 

Current Lineup: Lammetje, Nicolas Lebrun, Omar LobatoCh=mpathy


*  *  *  *  *

Ongoing Explorations


In establishing our collective, we embarked on a journey exploring three expansive creative themes. The first theme delves into the above mentioned outlier, the second engages in an experiential inquiry into color, and the third revolves around typography and language-based generative art.


Given the vastness of these themes, we envision ongoing explorations rather than one-off releases, ensuring a continuous engagement with each theme by a growing number of artists. This approach contrasts with the conventional standalone group shows.

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