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Pixel Symphony is the creative visionary behind Atelier, an accomplished generative artist based in California. With a diverse educational background spanning Modern and Contemporary Art, Psychology, and ongoing studies in History & Religious Studies at Harvard University, Pixel Symphony's work embodies a captivating fusion of code and creativity. His artwork explores the relationship between the stoic and the sentient, the geometric and the organic, inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue that unravels the intricate symphony continuously composing itself within and around us.

Æther is a poet, writer, and a multidisciplinary artist with a rich, three-decade creative journey. Her artistic repertoire spans a myriad of mediums, from published poetry and analog collage art to multimedia art. While her artistic endeavors transcend the confines of medium, Æther holds a profound fascination for text and language-based works. An ardent art collector, she has long been passionate about digital art and is dedicated to curating both physical and digital artworks. Æther is committed to nurturing artistic community and engagement, fostering real-life dialogues about art and curation in physical spaces, and creating a shared experience among fellow artists and collectors.


Pixel Symphony and Æther, despite their distinct backgrounds and life paths, are not only eclectic artists but also kindred spirits in the world of blockchain art. Pixel Symphony, originating from India, and Æther, a Franco-British woman, found their artistic synergy in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. While Pixel Symphony navigates the world of venture capital, Æther brings her wealth of experience from the domains of law and finance, having previously spent 15 years in the world of hedge funds. What unites them beyond their artistic pursuits is a shared passion for art history, comparative religion, and the exploration of consciousness. As good friends and co-founders of Atelier, they exemplify the beauty of diversity and common ground within the art world, each lending their unique perspectives to a shared canvas of creativity.

Earl Reno, a devoted father of two and a young art collector, is also very committed to the Web3 art space. His journey began in 2020 when he embarked on collecting art within the Ethereum ecosystem. In 2022, Earl Reno expanded his horizons to platforms like objkt, and explored the enticing world of generative art while supporting platforms such as fx(hash). His experience of collecting and engaging with artists from all corners of the globe has been fueled by his unwavering passion for supporting the artistic community. Earl Reno is poised to champion the artists affiliated with the Atelier collective. He invites fellow art enthusiasts to connect with him directly on X/Twitter and Farcaster to be part of this exciting journey. 

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