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Atelier, which means 'workshop' or 'studio' in French, embodies our commitment to the craftsmanship involved in creating, refining, and selecting the finest artworks from a diverse pool of creations. It also represents a space where artists converge to nurture one another's creativity through idea exchange and constructive feedback.


The four principles below reflect the ethos of this collective endeavor.


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In line with our commitment to fostering creativity and collaboration, our guiding principle is anchored in the concepts of community and camaraderie. Atelier primarily serves as an artist community, dedicated to assisting artists in the intricate and time-intensive task of curating their best works. These conversations take place in a safe and non-judgmental environment, where constructive feedback flourishes, ultimately stimulating growth and creativity among all collective participants.





Continuing our commitment to community and camaraderie, our second principle, 'Curation,' highlights the significance of well-informed curation within our collective. Attempting to curate one's work in isolation can be challenging. By placing curation at the heart of our collective, we prioritize the highest quality for each artwork. Through meaningful dialogue with the artist, curation also aids in realizing a vision that closely aligns with the artist's original intention.


Aesthetic Bias


Our third principle, 'Aesthetic Bias,’ is grounded in our commitment to unapologetic beauty and its impact on our creative approach. In a context where post-facto curation holds a central role, artists are naturally motivated to venture into uncharted territories, exploring the experimental, genre-defying, and unconventional. This deliberate embrace of purposeful randomness fosters the creation of versatile, concept-rich projects. The process-driven nature of our projects, where artists are encouraged to be both more thoughtful conceptually, and more experimental, positions the collective to identify new directions in generative art before they become mainstream.


Inclusivity and Diversity


Our fourth principle, 'Inclusivity and Diversity, highlights our dedication to embracing diversity in all aspects and defines the eligibility criteria for artists to join our collective. Diversity of thought, ideas, and creative expression enriches our collective by creating the right conditions for a broad spectrum of perspectives and forms of expression to come forth. While projects remain rooted in generative art, eligibility is based on creativity, skill, and a commitment to meaningful artistic expression.

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