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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are artists selected?


Every Atelier show follows a specific theme and narrative. Our selection process focuses on aligning an artist's work with the best collection of work, theme, and narrative. Our primary goal is to represent each artist effectively within the context of our collective, emphasizing the synergy of their work with our overall vision, rather than assessing the quality of an artist's work solely on its own merit.

2. How can I participate?


Everyone is invited to participate in the Atelier collective and engage in the conversation. You can connect with us through Discord, Twitter, and our upcoming physical events. Our collective aims to foster meaningful dialogues between artists and offer a safe environment for self-expression. Whether you're an artist, a collector, or simply interested in the greater conversation, you're welcome to be a part of our community.


3. What is the role of Atelier? Why is curation significant? How do we support the collector?


Atelier's role goes beyond traditional curation. It involves a collaborative effort with all the parties involved, to identify themes while placing focus on the enduring significance of any given artwork and its role in shaping the broader narrative. This collaborative process ensures that the feedback and insights from collectors are not only valued but also become a natural part of the curation process. For collectors, this approach ensures access to a diverse selection of works and the opportunity to be a part of the larger narrative through their feedback and engagement.


4. How does Atelier build its shows thematically? How does the collective ensure representation of a wide variety of artists and art forms?

The themes for our shows aim to reflect both the broader artistic landscape and the curatorial preferences guiding our collective. Consequently, we will regularly introduce new themes to represent a diverse range of artists and art forms. This approach ensures our collections remain timeless and at the forefront of artistic innovation.


5. Why have you chosen to host this on fxhash or Foundation Worlds rather than an independent platform?

We've opted for fxhash & Foundation Worlds because these are trusted on-chain marketplace that supports collectors building their collections. We believe in leveraging a reliable platform that aligns with our vision, and allows us to direct all of our efforts towards the task of curation. This choice ensures streamlined ownership for both artists and collectors, contributing to a cohesive and efficient experience. 

6. I'm not an artist, but I'd like to contribute to the collective. How can I get involved?

We welcome individuals who resonate with our ethos and values to join us in running the collective. Currently, we're actively seeking volunteers who can dedicate their time to support this initiative. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in being part of our team.

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